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When & Where

THEM meets every Thursday at 6:00 PM (during the Fall and Spring semesters) in Memorial Union Room RM 225 Yuma. Any member of the ASU community is welcome to attend. Check the THEM Forums (there’s a link at the top of the page) for more specific info on meeting locations and times.

Who We Are

THEM is an ASU club that gathers fans of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and gaming together to socialize, organize events, and have fun.  Most of THEM’s meetings are spent introducing new people, announcing and coordinating activities, and taking care of club-related business.  To make up for the boring parts, THEM has a tradition of going to dinner as a group after each meeting to satiate hunger and relax among friends.  That’s where the real fun of being in THEM begins, so be sure to come check us out on Thursday evenings and stick around after the meetings are done.

If you’re curious about what goes on during the weekly meetings, here’s a quick rundown of what happens when THEM gathers together Thursday evenings:

  • Meetings always start with someone yelling, “Shut up, shut up, we’re having a meeting!”  That’s THEM’s way of quieting all the side chatter.
  • Shortly thereafter you’ll hear someone yell “Assume the position!” and then see folks throwing money at a person standing in the corner.  That’s THEM’s way of collecting dues: the Money-Grubbing Slime (i.e., Treasurer) stands in a corner and everyone (gently) throws pocket change at them.  If you don’t have any change or don’t want to participate, don’t worry, tossing money at the Slime is totally optional.
  • One of the first items of business is introducing new people.  If it’s your first time at a THEM meeting, don’t be shy, stand up and be recognized! They’ll probably ask you to say your name, year, major, and how you heard about THEM.
  • After that, all the sub-groups of THEM report in, announce upcoming events, and coordinate last-minute details of activities.  THEM calls their sub-groups SIGs (Special Interest Groups) and Cartels.  If you hear a SIG or Cartel mention an event that sounds interesting to you, tug on their sleeve after the meeting and they’ll be happy to give you more info.
  • Once all the SIGs and Cartels report in and all announcements have been made, the last item on the agenda is always a thing called Five Seconds.  Everyone gets about five seconds to say wha
    tever they want about anything they want.  If you’re shy, you can just say “Pass”, but feel free to mention something good that happened to you today, a great movie or game you’ve seen/played recently, or even your opinion of buffalo shaving.
  • After Five Seconds, someone will say, “Seeing and hearing no further business I declare this meeting over!”  That’s the signal that the meeting has concluded.
  • Usually at this point people arrange where to go for dinner.  If you don’t want to come to dinner you don’t have to, but dinner is where you get to meet other members of THEM, hang out, and talk about recent happenings and other interesting stuff.  THEM usually picks relatively cheap and close-by places to eat and rides are always available, so come along and have fun for an evening!