Location: MU 238 Apache

Today’s Theme: Fall
Ascent to Lesser Chaos
Today’s Fearless Leader: Allan
Officer Reports:

  • Faithful Lackey: Yom Kippur fasting!
  • Crazed Scribbler: PSA for people to watch themselves while in public and don’t let people steal your stuff or *ahem* cop a feel.
  • Money Grubbing Slime: “I am Colin and I can concur, we are surrounded by assholes!”


Pelt the Slime (dues collecting):

SIG Reports:

  • Anime Night: Is tomorrow at 6pm at the Scribbler’s house! We’ll be watching
  • Gaming: Will be putting up a poll for people to vote on events since no one was giving him suggestions.
  • THEMFem: Tea Party will likely be in November. Cooking Night might also be in November too.
  • Writing SIG: So, no info has been given out about it quite yet, but we do know who will have it.
  • Movie Night: Spaceballs was good, that was last weekend. The suggestion for October is Back to the Future because October 21st, 2015 is when Marty McFly travelled to the future!


Cartel Reports:

  • Library: Club library, at the scribbler’s house. Has books, movies, comics. Free to borrow, we just ask that you bring it back eventually. A lot of cool stuff there. Address and hours on the facebook page.
  • T-shirt: We have shirts that can be bought for $10 if anyone’s interested. Talk to Lee Ann if you want one. Must provide size (S, M or L)!

Welcome Wagon! Anyone’s first meeting? Stand up! Tell us your name, year, major, favorite fandom, & how you found THEM

  • Through a friend (Sierra), Morgan, Fresh, Japanese, Vocaloid, Anime/Manga
  • Through a friend (Becca), Erica, Senior, Digital Culture, Noragami, HunterxHunter, Tokyo Ghoul

Anyone’s second meeting? If so, please stand up.

You are now an official member of THEM with all the benefits of being such! All we request is your soul. No take-backsies! You may now be seated.


  2. Austin – Is moving forward with creating a Hearthstone club at 5pm tomorrow (Friday). Is gauging interest in the club and who would be the officers so they can get it officially started. Meet up at the entrance to Hayden Library.
  3. Lee Ann – Star Wars theme night at Endgame on Saturday at 8pm. Come in cosplay and get drink discount

Grubbings Report! – $1.88

5 Seconds!

  • Theo – Writes too much fanfic
  • Sierra – Approaching level cap in Terra
  • Morgan – Writing a song that’s 8 minutes long for some reason
  • David – Don’t even trip dawg!
  • Stef – Saw Wicked this weekend and has all the songs stuck in her head.
  • Becca – Her and HS friends are going to rewatch DeathNote
  • Tanner – Don’t like ping pong balls.
  • Matt – Took a test in math, 2 of his answers involved tears
  • Matt – Attended first Smash tourney at Endgame yesterday. He lost though.
  • Cosme – Has a problem. Beat Dark Souls 2, and is now willing to do terrible things to play Bloodborne.
  • Austin – Has done unspeakable things to promote the club he’s support and has fake internet points now.
  • Hannah – Finished first official college paper!
  • Gretta – Looking forward to Flash coming back next month
  • Macine – Finally discovered manga for fudashi.
  • Christian – Installed Mass Effect on his computer yesterday.
  • Rob – Has new guilty pleasure of Star Wars in Disney Infinity 3.0
  • Sarah – Is doing Music Therapy homework. It’s boring.
  • Vlad – Wake me up when September ends.
  • Colin – Donuts, serve them with coffee or tea and napkins are optional.
  • Lee Ann – Has to pass driving test tomorrow
  • Allan – Said “wake me up when September ends” 5 minutes into September 1st.

Descent to Greater Chaos
Dinner Deliberations