Frequently Asked Questions


No, really, who are you? What are you about?

Founded in 1993, THEM exists to promote social interaction among fans of science fiction, fantasy, anime, and gaming.  We go out to dinner as a group after meetings, gather at members’ homes to watch anime, descend upon movie theaters for showings of interest, play games, and sometimes even go bowling.


How do I join?

Show up to a couple of meetings, hang out with THEM members, attend a few events.  We’re a relatively open club, so there’s no formal requirements for membership (aside from being part of the ASU community).


Who are those people in the front during the meetings?

The Fearless Leader: (a.k.a. the Charismatic Figurehead) They run the meetings and keep things moving, they’re probably yelling the most.  The person occupying this position changes occasionally.


The rest of them are probably the Ruling Junta:

Faithful Lackey: Also known as the Man Behind the Curtain (regardless of actual gender), or the President for those coming from more “standard” clubs.  This year’s herder of cats is Allan.

Crazed Scribbler: Keeps the minutes and checks the mail. This year’s martyr is Macine.

Money-Grubbing Slime: Tracks club funds and keeps club-related documents. This year’s target is Nathan.


What are the SIGs and Cartels?

The SIGs (Special Interest Groups) and Cartels are sub-groups of THEM that focus on specific topics or aspects of club business.  Generally, SIGs cover events and activities, and Cartels help keep the club running.

The Cartels include:

Library: THEM has a library of science fiction and fantasy books we lend out to members. The library is (almost) always run by the current Slime or whoever has the available space. It is currently held by Lee Ann and Sarah.

Website: Maintains the themonline.org web site and all the other pieces of THEM’s online presence.

Welcome Wagon: These folks are charged with making sure that people new to THEM feel welcome, comfortable, and understand what’s going on.


Some active (or recently active) SIGs are:

Activities: Through out the year parties and other activities get planned. No one person actually runs this and so we’ll just say it’s Junta.

Anime Night: The Anime Night SIG hosts regular anime showings at people’s houses.

Bowling: Once a month we rent some bowling lanes and we BOWL! This has not been done in a while, but could be picked up again if there is interest.

Gaming: Whether it’s PC, console, tabletop, or board, the gaming SIG has you covered!  This SIG organizes gaming evenings and activities.

Movie Night: Once a month, THEM gathers together at someone’s house and takes part in a movie night, complete with popcorn and soda!

Classic TV Night: The same week as Movie Night, there is also a classic TV night! We watch a couple episodes of a show that has helped define its genre.

Movies for Newbies: There are only so many movie nights a year, and so many geek classics that need to be seen.  This SIG is where THEM organizes home viewings of things like Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and other “classics” THEM will often reference in jokes and side comments.

Outdoors: Interested in hiking up mountainsides, tubing down the Salt River, or going camping?  Keep an eye on this SIG, it usually organizes one or two such excursions each semester. Currently unhosted, but if there is sufficient interest and cars, it could definitely be a thing again!

THEM Fem: Despite the name, it’s not just for the ladies! Open to all genders, typically this group involves activities like crafts and cooking night and the steampunk tea party.


Somebody just said something about a revolution and now they’re running the meeting, what happened?

The position of Fearless Leader is not elective. It changes hands by coup d’etat: At any time during a meeting (but no more than once per meeting), any member may stand and Declare the Revolution. If 20% of those present stand with the Revolutionary Hero, then the Fearless Leader is deposed and the Hero takes over.  Occasionally, someone will attempt to Suppress the Revolution and keep the current Fearless Leader in power.  If the Counter-Revolutionary cause gets 60% of those present to stand, then the Revolution is suppressed and the Leader remains.


Who is the one wandering around telling people to be quiet during the meetings?

That’s the Lord High Executioner, they keep the chaos and side chatter down to a minimum so the meetings can move along smoothly. That position changes hands by challenge (again, limited to one per meeting). The contenders stand back to back, take five steps, turn, and duel via rock-paper-scissors, winner takes all.


What is Con HQ?

There’s a tradition in THEM of giving names to houses at which we commonly gather.  Some names you might hear mentioned are Conspiracy HQ (Con HQ), the Asylum, and the Refuge of Sanity.  Other residences have names which you’ll hear from time to time, ask a THEM member if you’re not sure where someone’s place is.