Meeting 11
December 1,2016
Today’s Theme: Winter

Officer Reports:
Faithful Lackey: The Nintendo black Friday sale is going on until Monday
Money Grubbing Slime: The character scramble started
Crazed Scribbler: My life is not complete til I get Final Fantasy (15), XV

Pelt the Slime Time

SIG Reports:
Anime Night: Will be hosted by David Saturday at 6 pm in Vista Theater. Anime will now be watched based on 1 episode trials, 7 different anime for the night. No more for this semester.
Gaming: Arik is in charge. Currently looking for a new location. Future date polling: During Winter Break. Poll to be posted on the website. Next Pokemon event on November 12th or November 19th @ Priest and University, Announcement on Facebook page and site.
THEMFem: Hosted by Sarah. Possible volunteers needed. Food decided by attendees. There will be games. Dress code is fancy. Posted discussion links to THEM website. Tea Party November 13th Cooking Night November 20th at 1:00 pm Harry Potter themed. Fancy clothes requested. Group Meetup planned at light rail.
Writing SIG: Come talk to officers after class if interested. Writers are skipped over after 2 weeks. Who has it?
Movie Night: Will use Music Building Room E283 in future. November 17th was next movie night. 1ST Pokemon Movie.
Classic TV Night: Hosted by Sarah at her house. Introduces classical nerdy shows. Munsters and Addams Family, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Are You Afraid of the Dark. Discussion on Facebook. Thread now on the website. at 6:30 pm on November 19th
Tabletop: Pokemon Go Capture the Flag Sundays at 4:00 pm biweekly or weekly in the lower level of MU. Shadow run 3rd edition rules. Opening for Rigor and Samurai and more Magic users
Cartel Reports:
Library: Club library, at Leann’s house. Has books, movies, comics. Free to borrow, we just ask that you bring it back eventually. A lot of cool stuff there. Pick up available at classic tv nights. Address and hours on the facebook page.
T-shirts: Allan has t-shirts that can be bought for $10 if anyone’s interested. Talk to any of the officers if you want one. Must provide size (S, M or L)! Available on Zazzle $26. T-Shirt contest deadline extended to December 31st
Small: 1
Medium: 3
Large: 3
X-Large: 1
Website: Hosted by Bobby. The registration code is now required to join. Pertinent information updated on the site. Please use forums. Zazzle link now up on the site. T-shirt contest submission up on the website. Anyone who has events post them to the website

Welcome Wagon! Anyone’s first meeting? Stand up! Tell us your name, year, major, favorite fandom, & how you found THEM
Anyone’s second meeting? If so, please stand up.
You are now an official member of THEM with all the benefits of being such! All we request is your soul. No take-backsies! You may now be seated.
Welcome Wagon
Elijah: I have 5 boxes of Minior.
Andrew: Sports on Saturday. Gaming gear is being raffled. 5-9pm in the SDFC Gold gym
Allan: Selling old 3ds in new condition for $70. Selling Team Skull stickers. On December 9-11th a video game marathon is being held called Chaos Marathon. Info to be posted on the group page.
Dave: Now no meeting on the 2nd Thursday of November
Christmas: Is it a children’s card game?
5 Seconds
Dave: Traffic is annoying
Nathan: I raised my hand and she just takes it
Elijah: Competitive breeding genderless takes too long
Kenneth: West world is amazing show
Brent: My friend gifted me skull girls
Joseph: get in the bag nebby
Vlad: the humans are dead
Leann: I learned about otoma tones
Tanner: Can only think of penguins. Love them
Kristian: running on 3 hours of sleep and Christmas
Ricardo: can’t wait to game for Christmas
Becca: It finally cooled down so I’m 80% coffee and finals
Andrew: I finished Scott pilgrim and Rick and Morty season 2 and now waiting for season 3 and Voltron season 2
Natalie: I got FFXV 2 days ago.
Keeran: The end is nigh for the year and semester
David: Now I have an anime I never heard of
Eric: Pokemon Sun has taken over my life
Mattimus Prime: Since this is my last meeting as a student I shall pass the matrix of leadership
Sarah: Really psyched cause games are expensive and these are fun and 2 person
Bobby: As of the end of this semester no longer president of AIGA polytechnic
Adrian: I tied mad Maxx fury road to my dissertation
Charlotte: This was my last semester as a graduate student
Macine: Going to watch the other Hellsing no one talks about
Allan: I made myself last on purpose because of a conflicting class next year. Might need a substitute.
Grubbins Report: $8.38