Meeting 13
January 19.2017
Today’s Theme:

Officer Reports:
Faithful Lackey: My orbital mechanic’s teacher said that the death star could have destroyed Yavin 4 if it had approached closer to the gas giant, thus increasing its velocity.
Money Grubbing Slime:
Crazed Scribbler: That feeling when fellow Japanese majors complain to you, an anime fan, that anime fans are taking over Japanese clubs when asked to join their Japanese club.

Pelt the Slime Time

SIG Reports:
Anime Night: Will be hosted by David Saturday at 6 pm in Vista Theater. Anime will now be watched based on 1 episode trials, 7 different anime for the night. January 28th
Gaming: Arik is in charge. Will prepare next week. Currently looking for a new location. Future date polling: During Winter Break. Poll to be posted on the website.
THEMFem: Hosted by Sarah. Possible volunteers needed. Food decided by attendees. There will be games. Dress code is fancy. Posted discussion links to THEM website. TBA
Writing SIG: Come talk to officers after class if interested. Writers are skipped over after 2 weeks. Who has it?
Movie Night: Will be on Thursday, January 26th in Music Building 277 (different room from last time). We have the room from 5:50 pm until 9:55 pm. Movie suggestions can be taken during this meeting and voting will be held at next week’s meeting. Someone must be responsible for having the movie and bringing a computer to play it just in case. (This was previously done by Allan)

Space Balls
Galaxy Quest
Jurassic Park Trilogy
Road to Perdition

Classic TV Night: Hosted by Sarah at her house. Introduces classical nerdy shows. TBA
Tabletop: Pokemon Go Capture the Flag Sundays at 4:00 pm biweekly or weekly in the lower level of MU. Shadow run 3rd edition rules. January 22nd

Cartel Reports:
Library: Club library, at Leann’s house. Has books, movies, comics. Free to borrow, we just ask that you bring it back eventually. A lot of cool stuff there. Pick up available at classic tv nights. Address and hours on the facebook page.

T-shirts: No one submitted any new designs so we’re continuing to use the old ones. We will take a poll this meeting to see how many we want to order in each size. T-shirt budget voting is being postponed while Allan sees if we can get ASU to pay for it.

Small: 1
Medium: 3
Large: 4
X-large: 1

Website: It’s still a thing. Hosted by Bobby. The registration code is now required to join. Pertinent information updated on the site. Please use forums. Anyone who has events post them to the website

Welcome Wagon! Anyone’s first meeting? Stand up! Tell us your name, year, major, favorite fandom, & how you found THEM
Anyone’s second meeting? If so, please stand up.
You are now an official member of THEM with all the benefits of being such! All we request is your soul. No take-backsies! You may now be seated.
Welcome Wagon

1. Looking for new roommates for next semester at Vista. Contact him if interested.
2. Sparky Con is January 21
st from 10 am to 5 pm in the SDFC. Need help manning the table at any time during the event is appreciated.
3. We have been invited to the following things at the Hayden Library Maker Space. How many people are interested. The 1
st is board game nights starting on January 27th. During the 3rd week of March, there is also a Hack-a-thon where you can design and create table top games. These help gamers and makers meet and form teams.

5 Seconds

Grubbings Report: