Meeting 15
February 16,2017
Today’s Theme: Dreams

Officer Reports:
Faithful Lackey: Tomorrow night is the birthday of the trees in Judaism
Money Grubbing Slime: Kinda tired
Crazed Scribbler: Fire Emblem Awakening Addiction is real

Pelt the Slime Time

SIG Reports:
Anime Night: Will be hosted by David Saturday the 25th at 6 pm in Vista Theater. Anime will now be watched based on 1 episode trials, 7 different anime for the night. Eureka Seven, Shin Sekai Yori. Romeo x Shin and Sekai Majin 2 episodes each.
Gaming: Friday the 10th will be Hayden Library’s 2nd game night. Allan will be there. Weekend before or after spring break. Video game night or Casino Night. Future date polling: Poll to be posted on the website.
THEMFem: Hosted by Sarah. Sarah was wondering if people would prefer the tea party to be hosted on campus. She has a hot water urn. Would people come if it’s on campus?On a  Sunday in March
Current students
need to rent rooms on campus. Food will be decided by attendees. There will be games. Dress code is fancy for the tea party. Posted discussion links to THEM website. March or April
Writing SIG: Who has it?
Movie Night: Next movie night is Friday the 17th .in Discovery 120. Vote on a movie.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: 9

Classic TV Night: Hosted by Sarah at her house. Introduces 2-3 episodes from classical nerdy shows. Next one is Thursday, February 16th
Tabletop: the 1st mission was an unqualified success. Next meeting is president’s day weekend. Sundays at 4:00 pm biweekly or weekly in the lower level of MU. If more than 3 people show up they will be assigned into teams. Shadow run 3rd edition rules in February.

Cartel Reports:
Library: Club library, at Leann’s house. Has books, movies, comics. Free to borrow, we just ask that you bring it back eventually. A lot of cool stuff there. Pick up available at classic tv nights. Address and hours on the facebook page.Will need to find a new home by July.
T-shirts: T-shirts have been ordered. ASU accepted our budget so we get a bunch for free. Still asking for $5 and $10 donations but that can be fudged a bit. They should be here in 2 weeks.
Website: It’s still a thing. Hosted by Bobby. Now with security improvements. Historian position may become a thing. The registration code is now required to join. Pertinent information updated on the site. Please use forums. Anyone who has events post them to the website. Please use forums.

Welcome Wagon! Anyone’s first meeting? Stand up! Tell us your name, year, major, favorite fandom, & how you found THEM
Name Jeffrey Vasquez. Creative Writing. Junior. Marvel, anime, and kpop, came to movie night.

Anyone’s second meeting? If so, please stand up.
You are now an official member of THEM with all the benefits of being such! All we request is your soul. No take-backsies! You may now be seated.

Leann: Kittens. Contact Leann
Tyler: E-sports competition and giveaway for attending.
Kimi: Oreos
Allan: 1. ASU Pokemon League is coming up. February 11th in the MU 3-6PM.
2. February 17
th-19th is ASU Dreamleague spring invitational video game competition, featuring Rocket League and FIFA 17. HEARTHSTONE, OVERWATCH, SUPER SMASH BROS. There is an entry fee for participation.

5 Seconds
David: New trope. Robosplaining.
Brent: Finished ace attorney series. Then finished fates
Vlad: John Wick chapter 2 out
Leann: Guild drama is worst drama
Ray: I really don’t have the stuff to say
Sarah: This is week 6 of sick
Jeff: Looking forward to movie and anime night
Austin: I got new glasses so tell me I’m pretty
Kozume: My girlfriend started watching JoJo. So proud
Hannah: It is rumored that season 3 of Rick and Morty is long
Andrew: Voltron season 2 was incredible. FE heroes has consumed life
Matt: Mexican pizza isn’t pizza
Tanner: It’s me ya boy Apache. Hit reset on WOW addiction
Kimi: I was born with glass bones and paper skin. I break my bones every night until heart attacks put me to sleep
Kenneth: I watched season 5 trailer of samurai jack.
Keeran: I came into this meeting positive. Now I am speechless with all these old memes
Eric: I cannot wait for Saturday to beat all the gym leaders
Sam: For those who need to check Ava’s demon status it is updating again.
Mattimus Prime: For the first time in LOL career I am doing placement matches
Kaitlin: A few days ago I had a weird dream.About Hetalia dreaming where I read Sekai Ichi in a white room
Macine: Pick a god and pray. You’re about to die.
Nathan: Going off ace attorney. Playing dual destiny. It’s fun

Grubbings Report: $1.11