Meeting 2 on September 1, 2016

Today’s Theme: Flexibility, Love, and Trust

Officer Reports:
Faithful Lackey: I wanted to be on the net but no
Crazed Scribbler: Pokemon Go sends you to hell
Money Grubbing Slime: Saboten is tomorrow. Excited.

Pelt the Slime Time

SIG Reports:
Anime Night: Will be hosted by David at 6 pm. Anime will now be watched based on 1 episode trials, 7 different anime for the night. Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Cardcaptor, Yu Yu Hakusho His and Her Circumstances, Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Cowboy Bebop, Sept 30th
Gaming: Allan is in charge. Currently looking for a new location. Future date polling: To be determined. Poll to be posted on the website.
THEMFem: Hosted by Sarah. The tea party and geeky cooking night in planning (potluck style/bringing food not required). Possible volunteers needed. Posted discussion links to THEM website.
Writing SIG: Novel should have been passed on to… Nobody knows!
Movie Night: September 7:00 Movie Night at Vista del Sol Theater. Voting takes place this week. Sept. 23rd
Princess Mononoke:
Classic TV Night: Hosted by Sarah at her house. Introduces classical nerdy shows. Thursdays before movie night. Dr. Who or Monty Python. Discussion on facebook. Thread now on the website.

Cartel Reports:
Library: Club library, at Leann’s house. Has books, movies, comics. Free to borrow, we just ask that you bring it back eventually. A lot of cool stuff there. Address and hours on the facebook page.
T-shirts: Allan has t-shirts that can be bought for $10 if anyone’s interested. Talk to any of the officers if you want one. Must provide size (S, M or L)!
Website: Hosted by Bobby. The registration code is now required to join. Pertinent information updated on the site.
Welcome Wagon! Anyone’s first meeting? Stand up! Tell us your name, year, major, favorite fandom, & how you found THEM

Anyone’s second meeting? If so, please stand up.
You are now an official member of THEM with all the benefits of being such! All we request is your soul. No take-backsies! You may now be seated.

New Members:
Brent: CS major, freshman. Passport. Homestuck, Scott Pilgrim, Pokemon

Text Based Adventure game. Talk to person after meeting
Scifan is hosting Pokemon go event
SIG for Pokemon. Pokemon hunting group dispatched to spawn locations. To be posted to THEM FB.

5 Seconds
Sarah: I have a shiny new Hufflepuff’s cardigan
Bobby: I’m now president of AIGA Poly student organization and got grad proposal approved.
David: It’s high Ryan
Eric: I build guitars
LeeAnn: I’m an arch druid
Vlad: How did all these squares make a circle
Kristian: Ever wanted google earth with the universe? Space engine
Becca: Feels like high school blink 182
Joseph: I hatched a staryu
Kozume: Anything
Matt: Something
Elijah: I suck at Overwatch
Eric: Won’t get caught in haboob
Kenneth: Metal Gear solid
Brent: The word dank 12 times on shirt
Jezzelle: Very hungry
Natalie: me too 2 four things. Going to Santa Fe for wedding
Nick: Get revenge against Gandhi
Muhammed: Did anyone saw mechanic?
Matt: Mattimus Prime Kubo and 2 strings 2 good. Go watch it
Darren: More rp experience than any of you
Kimi: Way too hot. Hollywood needs to stop hiring cis ppl to play trans ppl
Austin G: Blood drive success
Andrew: LoK dying from withdrawing
Keeran: Waste the 5 secs
Rae: Dark Souls playing
Cassia: I got engaged
Ricardo: Flying cars stop traffic
Nathan: Trevor is fave character in GTA
Allan: Their chances are slimming. Spinning
Macine: fairy tail as on Tumblr

Grubbings Report!: $4.40
T.H.E.M Acronym of the Day