Meeting 21
Today’s Theme: Underpopulated

T.H.E.M Phrase of the Week
Traveling Has Evoked Memes

Officer Reports:
Faithful Lackey: There are two weeks left in the semester and I’ve had two midterms this week anyway.
Money Grubbing Slime: I saw this cool Netflix series called idiot abroad. It’s funny
Crazed Scribbler: The otaku word of the day is Kouhai

Pelt the Slime Time

SIG Reports:
Anime Night: Waiting on room approval for the 22nd Theme is new stuff right now.
Gaming: Position to head SIG is currently open. Final ASU Pokemon League event on Saturday, April 22nd in room 302 of the MU from 3pm-6pm. No other events this semester. Contact Allan if there are things you want to see next semester.
THEMFem: Hosted by Sarah at her apartment in Chandler. Food decided by attendees. There will be games. Dress code is fancy for the tea party. Posted discussion links to THEM website. Cooking Night. Post on Facebook or them forum if you need transportation. May not be any more events this semester
Writing SIG: Who has it? MIA again
Movie Night: Happening Friday, April 21st in Discovery Hall room 123 starting at 6 pm. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (the 90s)
Classic TV Night: Hosted by Sarah at her house. Introduces 2-3 episodes from classical nerdy shows. To be changed to a private event. Currently on Hiatus
Tabletop: Due to grades slipping, gaming is suspended until next semester.

Cartel Reports:
Library: Club library, at Leann’s house. Has books, movies, comics. Free to borrow, we just ask that you bring it back eventually. A lot of cool stuff there. Pick up available at classic tv nights. Address and hours on the facebook page.Will need to find a new home by July. Will be taken over by Kimi
T-shirts: We now have t-shirts! Contact Allan or another officer, and at the next meeting, you can buy it. Asking for $10 “donations”.
Website: It’s still a thing. Hosted by Bobby. Now with security improvements. The registration code is now required to join. Pertinent information updated on the site. Please use forums. Anyone who has events post them to the website. Please use forums. (Emphasize Slack)

Welcome Wagon! Anyone’s first meeting? Stand up! Tell us your name, year, major, favorite fandom, & how you found THEM

Anyone’s second meeting? If so, please stand up.

You are now an official member of THEM with all the benefits of being such! All we request is your soul. No take-backsies! You may now be seated.

Allan: I’m running for Faithful Lackey. I now have 2 years of experience and since I’ll be here as a grad student, I’ll still be able to help whoever takes over after me. Next semester my last class ends before noon on Thursdays and I have none on Friday, so I’ll actually be able to make meetings.

Faithful Lackey: Allan

Money Grubbing Slime: Nathan

Crazed Scribbler: Macine

Official Business
Formal Dinner dates need to be decided. Restaurant suggestions to be taken soon. Price is around $40. Formal clothing.

Bobby: I am extending the Slack Harkins Theater contest for another week until April 27th
Daryn: My Saturday afternoon 3.5 is looking for new members. Anyone interested can meet us at Tempe comics from noon to 6 pm. For SIG I’d like to vote on what game to start next semester. Options are classic pathfinder using 3.5 Ravenloft rules. Rifts, or homebrew using Pathfinder system based in the world of The Walking Dead.
Kimi: Star Wars force for change is offering prizes including an overnight stay at skywalker ranch and a chance to visit the Han solo movie set and the last Jedi premier. It’s on
Leann: Your Name is currently showing at the Harkins Theater at Tempe Market Place. I can give free passes

5 Seconds
Austin: This is sudden and hi
Becca: I just watched the Crow in class cause no one knew I liked the movie.
Leann: I found this adorable webcomic last night and I woke up to keep reading it.
Vlad: There’s this really good golf manga out
Kimi: Star Wars celebration posted their tribute to CF
Natalie: If you liked Idiot abroad there’s the Ricky Gervais show which makes fun of it
Kaitlin: Did you know that the black death has been found in a cat and dog in New Mexico
Bobby: It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you
Nathan: today is Homestuck’s 8th birthday
Dave: On an April 13th in the past Houston we have a problem
Macine: I sympathize too much with Hachiman
Allan: I recently started Bioshock infinite
Eric: Samurai Jack episode 4 was great and not over Your Name
Kenneth: I got Rogue 1 on blue ray
Tanner: I was surprised when there was no stop and go traffic on the freeway. Happiness

Grubbings Report: $10.67