T.H.E.M. @ ASU on Slack

Log in or register at https://thematasu.slack.com/. You’ll need an “@asu.edu” email address to use Slack; if you don’t have access to an ASU Email contact us through our Facebook to request an invite.

Click 2 Connect

Click to Connect to the club Slack or go to https://thematasu.slack.com/

Note: If you need to create an account, click “create an account”.

Download the iOS App

Download the iOS Application on the Mac App Store

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Download the Desktop Client (Mac, PC, & More)

Slack also has a Desktop version for Windows PC, MacOS, Browser, and much more!



Please see that the following code of conduct and proper netiquette is followed.

  • Check this page for updates to Slack Rules.
    • We will make every attempt to post important updates to Slack in regards to its use but as it is a chat platform primarily, some information can be lost or easily missed.
  • No excessive posting in the #announcements channel.
  • You may create any channel as long as its appropriate for the club. e.g. creating a channel for a SIG
    • Please avoid creating a channel for a simple discussion. e.g. #Supernatural
  • Do not abuse the open permissions of the Slack system, most members can edit their own posts, upload files, create channels, etc. Slack keeps a log of all actions that the Officers can look back on. Please refrain from any potential abuse.
  • If you leave the club or don’t log into the Slack for a while (estimated academic year), we may remove your account to make room for other members. Certain exceptions or arrangments can be made.
  • We encourage the use of the Slack channel to stay up-to-date with all things and would love your feedback! Please post feedback in the #help-feedback channel!

Important Information

Here are some cool commands you can use in our Slack Channel:

  • /poll [Your Poll Prompt] [Answer 1] [Answer 2] [Answer 3] [Etc]
    • Answers will be displayed to the chat; useful for things such as deciding on where to go for dinner.
  • /vote Prompt. [Answers, Separated, by, Comma]
    • Useful for anonymous voting.
  • /meme-list
  • /giphy any-search-text-for-giphy
    • Useful for random giphs
  • /hangout
    • Starts a Google Hangout in the selected channel or Direct Message; Useful for video conferences

What is Slack?

Slack is a robust chat and communication application that is extremely versatile.

Use Case

During our polling of the club, some expressed interest in club information being centralized in an easy to use application as opposed to going to the site all the time. We realize the need for convenience and easy/direct access to information. To that end we have decided to test out how our club would interact with using “Slack” for communication, as content from the site, as well as Facebook Events, can be centralized and disseminated quickly and easily!